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Big Game Hunts

Black bear hunts are available in the Spring.  We hunt in both the Cascade and Coast Ranges on public lands.  In the Spring, the weather is fair and there are a limited number of hunters in the forest, making this one of our favorite hunts.  Black bear populations are estimated to be as high as 35,000 in 40,000 square miles, making Oregon a premier place to hunt.   Hunters in Southwest Oregon are allowed to harvest as many as three bears a year.  In 1994, Oregon banned the use of hounds and bait techniques. We have found great success in using the spot and stalk technique.  This method of hunting is very exciting and is sure to be an experience you will never forget.


Black Bear Hunts


5 Day Hunt

We  offer the following big game hunts: Black Bear, Roosevelt Elk, Columbian White-tail Deer, Black -tail Deer, Rio Grande Turkey. We also guide hunts in special draw units.

Spring bear season is right around the corner. What a great way to kick of your hunting season. We have dates available. Don’t wait until it is too late.




7 Day Hunt

Roosevelt Elk hunts are available in October and November.   Hunts are available on public and private lands in the Cascade and Coast Mountain Ranges.  Roosevelt Elk continue to be one of the most popular big game animals to hunt in Oregon.  They are also one of the toughest North American Big Game Super Slam species to get.  We have had great success hunting both private and public land on these hunts.  There are a limited number of tags available, so we encourage booking early. We guide on special draw tags.





7 Day Hunt

These are one of the most prized white tail among hunters in the United States.  There are limited opportunities to hunt this particular whitetail, so let us help you complete your North American Grand Slam with a Columbian Whitetail. The Columbian Whitetail was taken off  the Endangered Species list in 2005.  This species has not been hunted in Oregon for nearly thirty years.  Despite their growing population, they are strictly managed.  There are a very select amount of tags available in the area which allows for a very high success rate.  We offer these hunts on private land in the Umpqua Valley in the month of October .  Let us help you find your trophy buck.


Columbian Whitetail

Columbian Whitetail

Douglas County produces some of the largest blacktail deer in the world.  We have a number of private ranches available in prime Blacktail country.  We are confident we can provide you with an opportunity at a quality buck.  If you are looking for a truly exceptional hunting experience, try the Columbian Blacktail.    These hunts are available in October and November. We also guide in special draw unit.


Columbian Blacktail


5 Day Hunt

Columbian Blacktail

Rio Grande Turkey hunting has a very high success rate here in the Umpqua Valley.  Whether you are calling in the heart of the rut during our Spring Season or spot and stalking in the fall, your odds of success are very high.  Populations run strong on the private ranches we choose to hunt.  Both our spring and fall hunts offer Cast and Blast options to maximize your trip. 



$500  per day

Combination packages are also available


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