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Guided Fishing Trips

Umpqua Valley is a Sportsman’s dream when it comes to hunting and fishing.  Let our Pro-Staff help you take advantage of all the fishing and hunting opportunities to maximize your outdoor experience. 

There are year-round options for fishing within a sixty-mile radius of the Umpqua Valley.  The Umpqua



River system offers a variety of fishing.  We target seven species of fish including Steelhead, Chinook, Shad, Small-mouth Bass, Walleye and Coho. 

In addition to the Umpqua River, we are in close proximity to a half dozen other water systems.  We will always choose the best destination to ensure your success on the water.  The South Fork Coquille offers a superb hatchery program.  The mighty Rogue River is well known for its sizeable salmon run.  The legendary Elk and Sixes River are also great destinations for salmon fishing.  We are confident we can exceed your expectations.  Enjoy a day full of adventure and reap the reward of a successful catch at your dinner table.


Steelhead Fishing

One may think the arrival of winter would limit fishing opportunities, but in the Umpqua Valley, winter is the time to seek Winter Steelhead.  Our river system receives as much attention for Winter Steelhead than any other species of fish.  The North Umpqua River is known for world class steelhead, and it is not uncommon to see a fish or two reach the 20 pound mark.  The South Umpqua River offers a successful hatchery program which increases the opportunity to take some great fish home.


Salmon Fishing

One of the most desired fish on the Umpqua River is the Spring Chinook.  Enjoy a day full of adventure and reap the reward of a successful catch at your dinner table.  The changing color of the leaves in the surrounding mountains, and the crisp fall air are an indicator that it is time for Fall Chinook.  Fall Chinook offers great odds for multi-fish days.  Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Umpqua Valley while you enjoy a successful day of fishing. We also run trips in the Ocean and bays for both Coho and Chinook.


Shad & Smallmouth Bass

Shad have been nicknamed the tarpon of the Umpqua and are considered to be one of the hardest fighting fish for its size.  We use light gear for them and this makes for an exciting day.  Shad season occurs in the spring, which makes for fair weather and a comfortable day on the river.


Smallmouth Bass

There is no better way to spend a hot summer day than down on the river fishing. Smallmouth are generally caught during the warm summer months. Bring your flip flops and sun screen and be prepared for a very busy day of catching fish.

Heading 3

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Walleye is considered one of the best fresh water fish to eat. Which makes them a popular target for filling the freezer. 

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