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Guided Fishing Trips:

Tuna, Salmon, Steelhead, Bottom Fish, Halibut, Smallmouth Bass, Shad, Trout, Surf Perch, Walleye, Crabbing

Northwest Oregon Outfitters invites you to experience hunting and fishing in the Umpqua Valley or on the beautiful Oregon Coast. We offer a variety of packages to meet your hunting and fishing needs. Our professional staff has combined decades of hunting and fishing experience. Our goal is to provide you with a first class experience and memories to last a lifetime.

Umpqua Valley is a Sportsman's dream when it comes to fishing. There are year-round options for fishing within a sixty-mile radius of the Umpqua Valley. The Umpqua River system offers a variety of guided fishing trips. We target seven species of fish including Steelhead, Chinook, Shad, Small-mouth Bass, and Coho.


In addition to the Umpqua River, we are in close proximity to a half dozen other water systems. We will always choose the best destination to ensure your success on the water. The South Fork Coquille offers a superb hatchery program. The mighty Rogue River is well known for its sizeable salmon run. The legendary Elk and Sixes River are also great destinations for salmon fishing. We are confident we can exceed your expectations. Enjoy a day full of adventure and reap the reward of a successful catch at your dinner table.


"I've been out with Ted 3 or 4 times for steelhead and 3 or 4 times for bottom fish offshore. On every occasion Ted has been on time, attentive, professional, and we have been in the fish. Both of Teds' boats, both the drifter and the salt water, were clean and in good upkeep. The rods and reels were not the "cheeps" and performed as expected with no issues. 


"On the off-shore trips, Ted had additional crew onboard to help clients while Ted Captained the boat and they too always kept my rod baited and in action. and were the upmost professionals. From the on time start, to the bags of fillets on shore, all these trips were a pleasure, and I highly recommend Ted from Northwest Oregon Outfitters." SSpiers


Northwest Oregon Outfitters


We  offer the following big game hunts: Black Bear, Roosevelt Elk, Columbian White-tail Deer, Black -tail Deer, Rio Grande Turkey. We also guide hunts in special draw units.

Experience a fun-filled day of angling and relaxation. The Umpqua River  and nearby waters like the Sixes, Rogue, Coquille, Elk and Coos Rivers are loaded with fishing opportunities for Salmon, Steelhead, Shad and Bass.

Experience the beautiful Oregon Coast  while enjoying a day of offshore fishing. We offer Tuna, Halibut, Salmon, Bottom Fishing and Crabbing. 

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